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The SAT Subject

About the SAT Subject

Originally known as the "SAT 2" or "SAT II" tests, the SAT Subject Tests gauge students’ knowledge of specific academic areas. Flagship offers tutoring for the following ones:

Math Level 1 
Math Level 2 
U.S. History 
World History 
Biology E/M 

(The SAT 2 Math IC and the SAT 2 Math IIC tests are now known as Math Level 1 and Math Level 2. The old Writing SAT 2 was absorbed into the general SAT Reasoning test.)

Subject Tests are generally offered in May, June, October, November, December, and January, but not all subjects are offered on all dates. Like the sections of the regular SAT, SAT Subject Tests receive a score between 200 and 800. Compared to other standardized tests, SAT Subject tests are mercifully short, lasting only an hour.

Different colleges have different requirements with respect to SAT Subject Tests. Some require two or three Subject Tests, while others require none. Some colleges allow a student to submit scores from any of the subjects, while others specify specific subjects they want their applicants to take. Check the requirements of the colleges you’re thinking of applying to, but if you’re in 9th or 10th grade and you haven’t identified those colleges yet, think about taking SAT Subject Tests while material is still fresh in your mind.

Flagship’s SAT Subject Test Tutoring

The SAT Subject Tests can require more planning than most standardized tests, even if they might require less actual preparation.

In determining which tests you should take, we recommend talking to your school’s guidance or college counselor. He or she will have a sense of the SAT Subject Tests for which your school’s curriculum best prepares you—some teachers focus on a curriculum different than that covered on the subject’s SAT Subject Test. Another good way to choose SAT Subject Tests is to take diagnostic tests. Full-length tests are available from the College Board, or Flagship can provide you with free, proctored tests when you sign up for tutoring.

Another question is when to take the test. It’s good to do it while the material is fresh in your mind after a yearlong course in the subject. However, May and June can be hectic—full of APs and finals, not to mention the regular SAT and ACT—so if there’s material on the SAT Subject Test that your class hasn’t covered, those months aren’t ideal for learning that material. On the other hand, your familiarity with the subject may have faded by an October test date. If you’re unsure which is the best test date for you, call us and we’ll be happy to discuss it.

Because not every school course chooses to cover all the material on the corresponding SAT Subject Test, we can be especially helpful by filling in those curricular gaps. We also teach test-taking strategies and solidify the material that the student has learned for class.

Free Diagnostic and Evaluation. Free Practice Tests.

Before his or her first SAT Subject tutoring session, each student receives a free diagnostic test. The diagnostic gives the student an introduction to the test. Moreover, based on the results, we formalize an evaluation that identifies the areas need the most help, specifies an optimal prep schedule, and sets specific goals.

We also continue to offer free practice SAT Subject tests throughout a student's prep with us.

More Information

For more information about SAT subject tests and about how private SAT subject test tutoring can help, give us a call.  See our Test Prep page for more about what makes Flagship special, or contact us to set up an appointment.


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