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Test Prep

Although standardized tests aim to measure a lifetime of learning, a few months of preparation can make a huge difference. Here's why we think Flagship offers the best test prep programs available.

Expert Tutoring

Our tutors know the tests inside and out. Even more important, they’re talented at identifying what each student needs and motivating each student to do as well as possible.

We address all three pieces of the standardized test puzzle.

Test-taking skills — Because the tests are standardized, there are standard, teachable strategies for taking them. Our tutors teach students about time management during the test and about the dozens of shortcuts for addressing various types of problems.

Subject material — Test-taking tricks can only get one so far. After the initial sessions, tutors spend most of their time refreshing math concepts, reviewing grammar, explaining the subtleties of reading comprehension, and coaching students through new vocabulary.

Morale — Our tutors understand that a student’s confidence and mental state have a profound effect on a test’s outcome. By teaching behavioral strategies and reinforcing students’ strengths, our encouraging tutors make the test-prep experience more pleasant and bring out the best in their students.

Free Practice Tests

We offer free practice tests. These tests are the best way to practice what you've learned and to build up the endurance you need for standardized tests. We also give free study books to all our test prep clients.

Customized Programs

Our tutors tailor a special curriculum for each student. Before a standardized test, some students need more preparation and others need less. Some want help primarily in math, while others could use more practice with reading comprehension. Our courses cannot be duplicated anywhere else, because each one is designed specifically for you.


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