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[My son] and I felt GREAT about today's session, and that is already a triumph! I think he feels pretty good about the test and his confidence has gone up every time he's met with you. As we get passed the test, I'd like to see if working with you can lift the homework curse that he lives under.

Michael (parent)

Other Science Courses

Science courses go by many different names. We’ve seen students in

  • Earth Science
  • Life Science
  • Physical Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Astronomy
  • Psychology

These classes all tend to be structured similarly to biology courses. That is, they expose students to a number of facts within something like a scientific “story”; then, tests focus more on the ability to explain the facts than on any complex problem-solving. As with biology, science tutors in these classes provide the most help by giving clear explanations and monitoring a student’s study habits.

Flagship's Science Tutors Help Students to...

Keep track of the material. These “other” science courses contain a lot of elements: class notes, handouts, demonstrations, labs, lab reports, textbooks…. Keeping track of them all requires substantial organization. A private science tutor can help by suggesting a system and holding a student accountable to it.

Take ownership of the material. Often, students stumble in these classes because the classes require more notetaking and studying than the student has encountered before. Especially for students who struggle with notetaking, science tutoring can provide motivation to make the extra effort and to work with good studentship.

Avoid falling behind. Sometimes the concepts in these classes build on each other. Student often come to us in the middle of a vicious cycle of feeling lost, missing the material in class, missing new material that built on that previous material, and feeling more lost. A private tutor can break that cycle by explaining old concepts and helping a student stay afloat with the current ones.

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