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Chemistry Tutoring

Flagship Helps Students ...

✓ Master the fundamentals. Chemistry is a cumulative class, arguably more so than biology or physics, so chemistry tutoring often focuses on solidifying the basic principles until they're easy. When the basics are completely in place, a student is in a good position to tackle more complicated concepts.

✓ Nail down study skills. Private tutors are in a unique position to learn how students manage their academic material. Chemistry tutoring often involves making sure a student knows how to take good notes and study them. But, since chemistry requires students to solve specific problems, our chemistry tutors also insure that students complete sufficient practice examples. With private chemistry tutoring, students learn when to study by memorizing and when to study by practice; through this process, students gain insight into how their own mind works.

✓ Grow comfortable with the math. The math in chemistry is often a source of strife for students having trouble with chemistry. Fortunately, though, chemistry doesn't use too many different math concepts, and chemistry tutors provide the explanation and practice each student needs to grow familiar with the math.

AP Chemistry Tutoring

Many of our chemistry tutors are AP chemistry tutors as well, and Flagship helps our students prepare for their AP Chemistry exams each May. We give free practice AP tests to all students doing AP chemistry tutoring through us.

The Advanced Placement (AP) chemistry test, published by College Board, covers approximately the same content as a yearlong university general chemistry course.  Students who do well on their AP chemistry tests may receive course credit or may pass out of chemistry requirements at their university.

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Flagship is glad to offer a free consultation to determine how personal chemistry tutoring with a private chemistry tutor can best help a student. See our Academic Tutoring page for more about what makes Flagship special, or contact us today to talk to one of our academic experts about a home chemistry tutor.


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