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Other Sciences

In high school and below, courses like psychology, earth science, and astronomy tend to be structured similarly to biology courses. That is, those classes expose students to facts, then test knowledge of facts more than the ability to solve complex problems. As with biology, science tutors in these classes provide the most help by giving clear explanations and monitoring a student’s study habits.

Flagship's Science Tutoring Goals

There are some common threads in how our science tutors have helped students in the past:

Hear it explained clearly, by an expert. Science classes, with labs and a great deal of material to get through, can be hectic.  One-on-one science tutoring gives students the opportunity to learn the material at their own pace.  Moreover, a private science tutor can lend clarity to the material, making it feel comfortable again.

Understand where the problem is.  Biology courses are a lot different from chemistry courses, and both are quite a bit different from physics courses. In a given class, it’s not always easy to identify specifically what’s holding a student back. Science tutoring takes care to pinpoint where a student’s troubles come from, whether it’s understanding the material, notetaking, memorizing, or some other difficulty.

Develop strong studentship. Because science courses are so different from each other, they require different skills on the part of the student. Our science tutors help students to participate actively in class and take the right kind of notes. Furthermore, science tutoring almost always involves includes strategies for studying thoroughly and efficiently.

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