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✓ Intuit when memorization is hard. There are a lot of rules in trigonometry, and some contain a lot of specific details that are tough to memorize. A good trigonometry tutor shows a student the patterns in the rules, so that the student begins to develop a feel for them. Often, the patterns are best observed visually, so trigonometry tutors take time to provide plenty of visual aids.

✓ Memorize when intuition fails. Not every student finds trigonometry intuitive! Even strong math students need to spend some effort memorizing the particular rules and operations. Trigonometry tutoring helps a student decide what to memorize and gives tips for how to memorize quickly.

✓ Recognize the different problem types. In trigonometry, there are many ways to solve for angles and for side lengths, so students sometimes have trouble knowing which to use. A private trigonometry tutor can articulate explicitly which situations call for which strategies, making the process much more straightforward.

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Flagship is glad to offer a free consultation to determine how trigonometry tutoring with a private trigonometry tutor can help a student. See our Academic Tutoring page for more about what makes Flagship special, or contact us today to talk to one of our academic experts.


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