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Well whaddya know? Math was her strongest [subject]! We are thrilled with your influence on her test and even more thrilled that her confidence in math will soar as a result of your support. Anyway, you are very appreciated.

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Trigonometry Tutoring

About Trigonometry

Trigonometry is an odd subject. Some schools devote a whole class to it, while others spread trig material through geometry, algebra, and precalculus classes. Just as trigonometry isn’t necessarily cohesive as a subject, students sometimes understand the subject in a scattered or incomplete way. Trigonometry tutoring can help.

Flagship's Trigonometry Tutors Help Students to...

Intuit when memorization is hard. There are a lot of rules in trigonometry, and some contain a lot of specific details that are tough to memorize. A good trigonometry tutor shows a student the patterns in the rules, so that the student begins to develop a feel for them. Often, the patterns are best observed visually, so trigonometry tutors take time to provide plenty of visual aids.

Memorize when intuition fails. Not every student finds trigonometry intuitive! Even strong math students need to spend some effort memorizing the particular rules and operations. Trigonometry tutoring helps a student decide what to memorize and gives tips for how to memorize quickly.

Recognize the different problem types. In trigonometry, there are many ways to solve for angles and for side lengths, so students sometimes have trouble knowing which to use. A private trigonometry tutor can articulate explicitly which situations call for which strategies, making the process much more straightforward.

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