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Flagship has been a life saver. They've tutored my middle-schooler, my high schooler, my child in college, AND my oldest in graduate school. English, SATs, science, economics, you name it.

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Pre-Calculus Tutoring

About Pre-calculus

Once a student gets to pre-calculus, it may feel like there's a tremendous amount to keep track of, and the problems may seem quite complex. True to its name, pre-calculus provides students an opportunity to pin down the mathematical and critical thinking skills they'll need to thrive in calculus. Even more important than calculus, mastering these skills can give students intellectual clarity and intellectual confidence.

Flagship's Pre-Calculus Tutors Help Students to...

See how it's smaller than it seems. Although pre-calculus contains a number of different subtopics, and although most subtopics contain a number of rules, there just aren't that many types of questions pre-calculus teachers can ask. Pre-Calculus tutoring usually stresses how finite each chapter is, and that understanding raises students' confidence.

Master graphical thinking. Pre-Calculus requires that students navigate graphs with ease, but sometimes it's difficult to understand how mathematical concepts and visual representations are related. An experienced pre-calculus tutor can sense where a student is failing to make those connections and stress the important principles.

See how it's easier than it seems. Pre-Calculus questions are often longer than students are used to seeing, and they can involve a number of different concepts. Pre-Calculus tutors help students take a step back to identify what concepts are more and less important, and which few of those concepts a student needs to work on.

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