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✓ Make the leap to thinking abstractly. Pre-algebra moves students, rather quickly, from thinking about specific numbers to thinking about the mathematical truths that apply to all numbers; making that quantum leap can sometimes be daunting. Fortunately, private pre-algebra tutoring uses a number of specific techniques to ease that transition and to lay a solid foundation for math in the student's future.

✓ Be really solid on the foundations. Pre-algebra is, in some ways, the last year students have to catch up on the calculation skills they've been learning since elementary school. Starting next year in Algebra 1, it'll be important to have ease with math facts, negative numbers, fractions, decimals, and other foundational skills. Private pre-algebra tutoring is an ideal way to make sure all these vital skills are in place.

✓ Get excited about math. Since thinking in terms of variables and graphs is so different from arithmetic, there are a lot of "Aha!" moments in pre-algebra as the student comes to understand the material. One-on-one pre-algebra tutoring helps those moments to come more often, and home pre-algebra tutors reinforce that positive feeling to instill enthusiasm for the subject.

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Flagship is glad to offer a free consultation to determine how personal pre-algebra tutoring with a private algebra tutor can help a student. See our Academic Tutoring page for more about what makes Flagship special, or contact us today to talk to one of our academic experts.


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