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It's great that you're able to work with these girls--they seem to love you! [The girls] did VERY well on the last test. Thanks again!

Dr. Hansen (Teacher)

Calculus Tutoring

About Calculus

Calculus is the goal, the apex, of many math curricula. As students learn to think about arbitrarily small lengths and continuously changing amounts, both the conceptual and the technical aspects of the class can become difficult. Since calculus requires a broader range of mathematical skills than any other math subject, tutoring can be especially helpful in it.

Flagship's Calculus Tutors Help Students to...

Hear it explained clearly. Because calculus involves some concepts that are truly subtle, many students benefit from hearing an explanation more than just the once in class. In a one-on-one setting, a calculus tutor can come to sense when a student hasn't fully understood something, then provide the clarity the student needs.

Know both the forest and the trees. In algebra classes, many students can pass just by knowing how to carry out particular problems, even if they don't understand why to do it that way. In geometry classes, students can often get by by understanding the concepts, even if their technical skills are low. In calculus, students must master both sides. Calculus tutors are invaluable in identifying what needs work, then reviewing concepts or old technical skills if necessary.

Anticipate what will be on the test. Teachers make up lots of ways to ask only a few basic, canonical calculus problems. By explicitly identifying these problems and explaining their solutions, calculus tutors help their students to feel grounded and confident.

AP Calculus Tutoring

Our expert calculus tutors are all expert AP Calculus tutors as well. The difficulties that AP Calculus students encounter are largely the same as those that regular calculus students encounter. However, Flagship takes special care to insure that our students are ready for the AP test. We offer free, proctored practice AP tests to all students doing AP Calculus tutoring with us.

The Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus test, published by College Board, approximates a yearlong college calculus course.  Students who score well (typically a 4 or 5) on the AP Calculus test may gain college credit or pass out of math distribution requirements at their college or university.

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