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My daughter, who is a sophomore in high school, began to receive poor grades in her chemistry class. While I checked out a number of tutoring companies, Flagship Tutors was the only one that promised to place my daughter with a tutor who not only has a degree in chemistry but also has excellent c...

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Beyond Calculus

About Math Beyond Calculus

The Sumerians began creating multiplication tables around 2,500 BC. Newton published his "Principia Mathematica," in which he outlined his conception of calculus, in 1687. It's fair to say that, during the intervening 3,000 years, humans more or less figured out all the math that was easy; what comes after calculus is not trivial.

Flagship's Advanced Math Tutors Help Students to...

Learn methodically. Some students find linear algebra, multivariable calculus, and other math subjects to proceed quite intuitively. For those students, clear explanation is all that's necessary, but most students need some help getting a handle on all the ideas. These subjects can be approached as one approaches a biology class; tutors can help break everything down into discrete, manageable facts that can be memorized and practiced methodically.

Visualize what's tough to visualize. Especially in multivariable calculus, students are required to visualize complicated, abstract shapes and graphs, some in three or even more dimensions. A multivariable calculus tutor can explain ways to conceive of and model functions like these, and tutors in other advanced math classes can find ways to take advantage of a student's visual sense as well.

Recognize patterns and symmetries. When you take integrals over surfaces or manipulate big matrices, the problems can become much simpler when you understand how different regions relate to each other. A math tutor can point out where symmetries or cancellations exist; where there are symmetries, there are mental shortcuts.

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UC Berkeley, Ph.D. Biology

Dr. Gene Levinson graduated from UC Berkeley and went on to earn a Ph.D. in biology. As a postdoc, he tutored stu...


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