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It was very impressive to have an ACT tutor who was thoughtful and curious about how my son learned. He knew that to be successful, understanding the student was a critical factor. He was willing to try different approaches until the right one was found. Also amazingly responsive to me when I nee...

Ronnie (parent)

History Tutoring

Students encounter difficulties in history for a variety of reasons. Below are some examples of how we've helped students in the past. Take a look, then check out our Academic Tutoring page to learn why we think Flagship offers the best tutoring available.

Collecting the Material for Tests

The first key study skill needed for history, and one which is not often acknowledged, is the ability to make good, complete notes. It’s not a great idea to study for a test by reading a textbook, and it’s even worse to try to gather information through the Internet. Both of those sources contain too much material, rendered in too many words; the brain is much better at memorizing quick ideas of a few words or pictures than it is at memorizing the content of long sentences. So before the test, a student should ideally have condensed all the material that will be tested into pages of brief, legible notes. Most of the time, this note-taking can be completed during class, although we find that some students need direct instruction and practice in order to do it well.

Learning the Material for Tests

A second study skill required in history classes is the ability to memorize. A tutor can often add a great deal of value by explaining the most effective and efficient ways to memorize, then seeing what works best for a student’s mind.

Writing History Papers

After study skills, writing is the next most important ability one needs to navigate a history class. There are a number of specific pieces of advice we’ve found helpful for students writing history papers, and one is so important we want to give it here: if you’re writing a research paper, find the smallest topic you can. Don’t write about the topic of jazz, because there are tens of thousands of books on jazz and you don’t want to read them all. Instead, write about the extent to which Louis Armstrong’s membership in the Masons might have influenced his music. It will be easier to find the high-value sources of information, there will be fewer of them for you to research, and your paper will be stronger in that it can address the topic more completely.

Whether or not a paper requires research, students often benefit from help in the writing process. As with English class, tutors can help by making sure that a student’s ideas are clear, clearly supported, and clearly outlined before the writing begins. And of course, a tutor can give lots of useful advice to make sure the paper reads well.

AP History Tutoring

Many of our expert history tutors are expert AP history tutors as well, and Flagship helps students prepare for their AP U.S., European, and World History exams each May. We offer free practice AP history tests to all students doing AP history tutoring through us.

The Advanced Placement (AP) history tests, administered by College Board, cover close to the same content as yearlong university history courses.  Students who do well on an AP history test may be given course credit or may pass out of history requirements at their college.

Free Consultation

Flagship is glad to offer a free consultation to determine how best to help a student. Call today to talk to one of our academic experts. See our Academic Tutoring page for more about what makes Flagship special, or contact us to set up an appointment.

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