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Flagship has been a life saver. They've tutored my middle-schooler, my high schooler, my child in college, AND my oldest in graduate school. English, SATs, science, economics, you name it.

Barbara (Parent)

About Flagship

Flagship Education provides one-on-one academic subject tutoring and test prep. Appointments occur at your home or at any other convenient location.

Flagship also collaborates with schools to provide in-school group test prep classes.  To learn more about this service, contact us.

What Sets Flagship Apart

  • Our tutors. Because we pay more, we can hire the most talented people in the business.
  • Our level of service.  We move quickly and work hard to make sure you always have what you need.  We're on call.
  • Our materials. Our test prep course books are complete, but they’re concise enough that students actually read them.
  • Our programs. Tutors at many companies receive a set curriculum to follow with all students, but Flagship’s tutors have the freedom and the talent to structure lessons based solely on the student’s needs. Many companies (even the really large ones) advertise individualized curricula, but because our tutors are the most gifted in the industry, the programs they create are the most effective. No time is wasted, so our clients save money and our students stay interested.
  • Our goals. The course material is only half our work. We build students’ confidence. We teach and reinforce good study habits. Our ambition is that the work we do will continue to add value long after our students’ tests or courses are over.

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Georgetown U.

David, a Ph.D. student at Georgetown, has extensive experience tutoring chemistry and biology. In the lab, he studies how to b...


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